Valuables in Transit

thingThe following “Valuables in Transit Services” are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be tailored to the unique needs of the clients we serve:

  • Valuables in Transit Collection / Delivery Transfer Service
  • Retail Institutions – Currency, Coin & Check Collection Cash Management

Venues we Serve:

  • Retail Business
  • Financial Institutions
  • Securities / Commodities
  • Sensitive Documents
  • Art Work / Antiques
  • Jewelry

Product Portfolio

Champion Security Services “Valuables in Transit” provides the following:

Valuables in Transit Collection and Delivery Services

The need for any business / individual to secure its valuables and securities is always present.  It’s no wonder why businesses and individuals alike seek to protect their assets at its most vulnerable point – in transit.  At Champion Security Services safeguarding property is our profession and we take it very seriously.  Our policies and procedures are strictly enforced with zero tolerance not only to your valuables, but also to your employees and customers as well.  Serving Upstate New York and its surrounding area Champion Security Services has secure, insured facilities to provide inventory of your valuables, counting and reconciliation of your items, and accountability of all property we receive and handle during all transfers.  Our “Valuables in Transit” success has been achieved because of our constant commitment to security, reliability, and customer service.  We continuously strive to become an elite provider in the “Securities Courier Transport Industry”.

Retail Institutions – Currency, Coin & Check Collection Cash Management

Think about this?  Cash in your registers is not secure.  Cash being counted in your back office is neither secure nor well managed.  Your employee with cash in transit to and from the bank is not secure.  Champion Security Services solution provides an integrated service offering a comprehensive closed-loop system for securing your cash and profits.  We have grown to include same day currency and coin procession, consolidation at multiple location deposits, and verification of checks and payroll orders by providing you with detailed logistical reports subtotaled by location and deposited dates on and by the very next business day.  We provide better control of money and greater accountability by limiting your cash exposure, thus providing you better security and loss prevention measures.

Champion Security Services “Valuables in Transit” delivers the best in cash, securities, valuables, and document protection solutions affording flexibility to meet our client’s objectives.  Once we procure your contents internally we ensure that deliveries are on a scheduled and “as needed basis” only.  We limit our protection services to a modest $250,000 a run, allowing us to better focus on our contents and less vulnerable to terrorism.  Our unique business plan of unmarked discreet vehicles having been specifically designed to keep contents safe from fire, vandalism, and other illegal activities.  Our Courier Officers are trained to protect the valuables while they are in transit.  The use of concealed carry firearms allows us to work progressively in the background, ensuring your contents remain secure at all times.  This practice avoids disruptions to your place of business that usually occurs with the traditional “Armored Car Business Model”.  You won’t notice our unmarked vehicles or our employees at business establishments.  It’s practically like bringing the bank directly to your door at a fraction of the cost!!  So let us take the stress and challenge out of managing your assets.  Our safe comprehensive control solutions drive efficiencies and savings that generate positive impact on your bottom line, enabling you to;

  • Minimize Cash Losses
  • Improve Accountability
  • Improve Control
  • Enhance Security and Safety