Cornhill Magazine

The following are additions and corrections to the general introduction and attribution listing for Cornhill Magazine in the  Wellesley Index,  Volume I, pages 321-415.

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    CM, 601, Andrea Ferara, 189 - 194, Volume 12, Aug 1865, John Carter II Allen, Signed Sigma; accounts give to "The Count d'Albanie," which Wellesley said was "John Sobieski Stolberg Stuart." However, both of these are aliases for John Carter Allen II. (08/16)

    CM, 538, A convict’s views of penal discipline, 722 - 733, Volume 10, Dec 1864, Susannah Roe (Susannah Moore), Thomas, VPR 27 (1994), 324-325, suggests that article is actually by Susannah Roe’s husband, James Roe (see CM 664). He was transported for forgery and undoubtedly was the source of information.

    CM, 761, The Eagle of the German Empire, 612 - 619, Volume 15, May 1867, Charles Manning Allen, Accounts give this to "Count Charles Edward d'Albanie," which Wellesley argued was a stand-in for "Charles Edward Stuart"; however, both of these are aliases for Charles Allen Manning. (08/16)

    CM, 1835, The siege of Ghuznee; an episode of the first Afghan War, 201 - 221, Volume 41, Feb 1880, Charles Boswell Norman, Charles Harris, Written and submitted by Norman based on material provided by Major General Charles Harris (see slip tipped into May 1880 issue by Leslie Stephen). Eileen M. Curran, VPR 34 (2001), 355.

    CM, 3416, Panics and prices, 757 - 768, Volume 77, Jun 1898, Unknown, Author unidentified. Signed 'George Yard,' undoubtedly a pseudonym, the name not of a person but of a place. Given the subject of the article, the likeliest George Yard in London is off Lombard Street. (08/06)

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