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    Bk, The Plague of Darkness; The Last Plague, 555 - 565, Volume 9, Aug 1821, Mary Diana Dods, Written under the name David Lyndsay, one of Dod's aliases. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 29 (1996), 302.

    Bk, 344, My transmogrifications, 152 - 154, Volume 20, Aug 1826, Mary Diana Dods, Signed Mrs. Sholto Douglas. There is evidence that Dods wrote under this name. Eileen M. Curran VPR 29 (1996), 291.

    LitS, Firouz-Abdel. A Tale of the Upas Tree, 341 - 371, Volume 1, Nov 1824, Mary Diana Dods, Signed David Lyndsay. This is a known pseudonym of Mary Diana Dods. (10/17)

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