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    FQR, 549, Industrial and moral state of Belgium, 75 - 89, Volume 24, Oct 1839, Thomas Colley Grattan, In 1838-39 Grattan wrote a book on Belgium for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, which rejected it, returning the ms. to Grattan on 6 July 1839. Their readers’ reports seem to describe this article. [review] (06/04)

    KS, The Curate-Confessor of Virofloy, 67 - 81, Volume 6, Nov 1832, Thomas Colley Grattan, Signed Colley Grattan. (08/16)

    KS, The Caves of Groenendael, an Episode of Waterloo, 120 - 137, Volume 7, Nov 1833, Thomas Colley Grattan, Signed Thomas Colley Grattan. (08/16)

    LitS, The Love-Draught, 1 - 19, Volume 6, Nov 1829, Thomas Colley Grattan, Signed by the author of "High-Ways and By-Ways" (10/17)

    NMM, 417a, The Prophecy of Constantine, 326 - 330, Volume 7, Apr 1823, Thomas Colley Grattan, possib., Signed G. Grattan used the signature "G." for another 1823 poem in the New Monthly Magazine. No one else is known to have used that solitary initial as a signature in the NMM during the mid-1820s. [verse] (06/17)

    NMM, 533a, The Hunter of the Pyrenees, 562 - 562, Volume 8, Dec 1823, Thomas Colley Grattan, Signed G. Reprinted in Thomas Colley Grattan, Highways and Byways; or, Tales of the Roadside (London: Henry Colburn, 1825). [verse] (06/17)

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