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    OAW, To and at Baden in '02, 514 - 518, Volume 7, Nov 1, 1862, Charles Cowden Clarke, Signed C.C. Listed in Account Book under Revd. Charles Clarke. (06/17) £04.04s.00d

    OAW, Continental Repose; or, a Month's Relaxation, 640 - 643, Volume 9, Nov 28, 1863, Charles Cowden Clarke, Listed in Account Book under Rev. Charles Clarke. (06/17) £03.03s.00d

    Tbar, 1279, Taming of the Shrew, 539 - 549, Volume 35, Jul 1872, Charles Cowden Clarke, Remove Wellesley's claim that Mary Cowden Clarke submitted this article. The Cowden Clarkes, living in Genoa at the time, said they did not know who gave Bentley a copy of the article; Charles C.C. had never contributed to Tbar. (08/06)

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