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    FM, 504a, Lord Byron's Verses on Sam Rogers, in Question and Answer, 82 - 84, Volume 7, Jan 1833, George Gordon Byron, Identifed as by Byron in an accompanying note; included in several versions of Byron's collected works. [verse] (03/15)

    FM, 532a, Lord Byron's Verses on the Reverend Dr. Nott. A New Song, 341 - 342, Volume 7, Mar 1833, George Gordon Byron, Reported by Trelawney; see Records of Shelley, Byron, and the Author (1878). [verse] (03/15)

    KS, Letters from Lord Byron, 216 - 232, Volume 3, Nov 1829, George Gordon Byron, Identified as by Byron in the title. (08/16)

    LitS, Lines, Written in the Libre des Etrangers of the Union Hotel at Chamouni, 230 - 231, Volume 3, Nov 1826, George Gordon Byron, Signed the late Lord Byron. [verse] (10/17)

    LitS, To Ianthe, 96 - 98, Volume 6, Nov 1829, George Gordon Byron, Signed Lord Byron. [verse] (10/17)

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