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    Bk, 1593g, Homer's Hymns (Hymn to Venus; Hymm to Mars), 440 - 441, Volume 41, Apr 1837, William John Blew, Attributed in accompanying text to Blew. [verse] (06/17)

    Bk, 1643a, Homer's Hymn to Venus, 360 - 365, Volume 42, Sep 1837, William John Blew, Signed W.B., Nuthurst, Horsham. Blew was curate of Nuthurst, 1832-1840, and publ. translations from the Greek. [verse] (06/17)

    Bk, 1773m, A Hymn of Pindar, 819 - 821, Volume 44, Dec 1838, William John Blew, A prior page letter is signed William Sno Blew. [verse] (06/17)

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