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    OAW, The Fairies (Translated from the German of Henrich Heine), 378 - 379, Volume 6, Mar 29, 1862, Julian Henry Charles Fane, Signed Neville Temple. Listed in Account Book under the Honourable Julian Fane. [verse] (06/17) £00.00s.00d

    SatR, Heinrich Heine, Poet and Humorist, 13 - 14, Volume 1, Nov 3, 1855, Julian Henry Charles Fane, Columbia University marked file and James Fitzjames Stephens marked file and reprinted in Lytton, Julian Fane, a Memoir: 91-100. [review] (12/17)

    SatR, Social-Philosophy. -- The Artisan v. the Theorist, 190 - 191, Volume 1, Jan 12, 1856, Julian Henry Charles Fane, James Fitzjames Stephens marked file. (12/17)

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