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    OAW, The Valley of the Innocents, 81 - 85, Volume 1, Jul 30, 1859, William Cooper, prob., Signed W.C.; similarly listed in Account Book. William Cooper had written for this volume of Once a Week under the signature W.C. (06/17) £04.07s.06d

    OAW, How Phil Considine Met the Banshee, 221 - 223, Volume 1, Sep 17, 1859, William Cooper, Signed W.C. Listed under William Cooper in Account Book. (06/17) £02.02s.00d

    OAW, The Lots Upon the Raft, 617 - 622, Volume 2, Jun 23, 1860, William Cooper, Signed W.C. Listed in Account Book under William Cooper. (06/17) £04.04s.00d

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