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    BC, 759, Attack on the Universities: Oxford, 168 - 215, Volume 22, Jul 1837, Benjamin Harrison (the younger), Newman lists; J. S. Boone to Newman, May 15, 1837, Pusey House papers, expresses willingness to provide Harrison with any literature on Cambridge of university reform he might like to review. (E. H., Studies in Bib 16, (1963) 119-137) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 770, Universities of England, 397 - 438, Volume 22, Oct 1837, Benjamin Harrison (the younger), Newman's list; Newman to Boone, July 1837, Pusey House Papers, says he is sending article from Mr. Harrison for this issue "in continuation" of no. 759. (E. H., Studies in Bib 16, (1963) 119-137) [review] (08/16)

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