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    BC, 297, [Edward] Burton, Testimonies of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, 265 - 303, Volume 2, Oct 1827, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), This attack on Unitarianism and its leaders is paralled in no. 408 which also mention's Burton's Testimonies; the reviewer stresses the study of the Fathers in the training of divines and is versed in patristic studies. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 300, Schleiermacher, On the Gospel of St. Luke, 342 - 398, Volume 2, Oct 1827, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), Isaac Williams to Edward Pusey, n.d. "Harrison has sent me to-day an extract from Rose's review of Schleiermacher in the British Critic for Oct. 1827." (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 369, Archdeacon [Thomas] Townson's Practical Discourses, 324 - 339, Volume 5, Apr 1829, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), On p. 327 the reviewer refers three times to no. 300, the second being in words that imply a common authorship. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 408, Bishop of Lincoln's [John Kaye's] Justin Martyr, 152 - 190, Volume 7, Jan 1830, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), The reviewer stresses the divinity of Christ, emphasizes the importance of knowledge of the Fathers, shows patristic learning, and wishes "to be preserved from German neologism": all characteristic of Rose. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 441, Gamberg and [J. J.] Blunt of the Pentateuch, 308 - 322, Volume 8, Oct 1830, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), Rose was the outstanding opponent of German theory and scholarship which he characterizes as "pages of mere verbal criticism of cold-hearted sophistry"; this review shows detailed knowledge of German Biblical scholarship. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 477, On the Study of the Fathers of the Church, 229 - 277, Volume 10, Oct 1831, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), prob., Reviewer refers to "the wild fluctuation and extravagant innovation to which Germany has been particularly subject"; notes their present superiority in patristic scholarship & regrets the neglect of the Fathers in England. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 530, [G. S.] Faber -- Apostolicity of Trinitarianism, 257 - 306, Volume 12, Oct 1832, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), A satiric attack on Unitarianism with a plea for study of the Fathers as in no. 297; the reviewer is familiar with Burton's Ante Nicean Fathers, reviewed by Rose in no. 297, with the same abundance of footnotes. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 568, [R. D.] Hampden's Bampton Lectures, 125 - 152, Volume 14, Jul 1833, Hugh James Rose (1795-1838), The reviewer hails the revival of the study of the Fathers (p. 125) and for this credits the exertions of Edward Burton; cf. evidence for no. 297, which reviews a book by Burton. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

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