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    CKMA, Friends Lost in Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-Three, 200 - 202, Volume 2, Nov 1835, Henry Francis Lyte, Signed the Rev. H. F. Lyte, A.M. [verse] (06/18)

    NMM, 861a, Lines on a Naval Officer Buried in the Atlantic, 62 - 62, Volume 16, Jan 1826, Henry Francis Lyte, prob., This poem is widely attributed to Lyte; however, it was reprinted in The Farthing Journal (London: B.D. Cousins, 1841) as by J.G. Moore. [verse] (03/15)

    NMM, 973a, Elijah's Interview with God, 348 - 349, Volume 17, Oct 1826, Henry Francis Lyte, Reprinted in John Appleyard (ed.), The Poetical Works of the Rev. H. F. Lyte (1907). [verse] (03/15)

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