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    AM, 122a, Sonnets (I. On the receptions of the poet Wordsworth at Oxford; II To Charles Dickens, on his "Oliver Twist"; III To Miss Adelaide Kemble, on her threatened retirement from the stage), 505 - 506, Volume 2, Dec 1842, Thomas Noon Talfourd, Signed Mr. Serjeant Talfourd. [verse] (08/16)

    BentM, 295a, The Memory of the Poets, 371 - 371, Volume 5, Apr 1839, Thomas Noon Talfourd, Signed T. N. Talfourd. BentM list. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 32 (1999): 115. [verse] (12/15)

    NMM, 3807a, The Westminster Play, 16 - 16, Volume 76, Jan 1846, Thomas Noon Talfourd, Signed. [verse] (03/15)

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