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    Bij, The Fisher's Wife, 13 - 14, Volume 3, Nov 1829, Lydia Bosworth Smith, Signed a young lady. Reprinted in Lydia B. Smith, Songs of Granada and the Alhambra (1836). [verse] (12/17)

    KS, The Night Watch at Sea, 92 - 94, Volume 10, Nov 1836, Lydia Bosworth Smith, Signed Miss Lydia B. Smith. [verse] (08/16)

    KS, Marino Faliero taking a last farewell of Angiolina (his Duchess), 79 - 81, Volume 13, Nov 1839, Lydia Bosworth Smith, Signed Lydia B. Smith. [verse] (08/16)

    Metro, The Stranger's Adieu to Moray-Land, 392 - 392, Volume 27, Apr 1840, Lydia Bosworth Smith, Signed L.B.S. Reprinted and attributed to a Miss Lydia B. Smith in Robert Carruthers, The Highland Note-Book; Or, Sketches and Anecdotes (Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1843). [verse] (08/16)

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