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    F&CQR, Commerce and Prosperity of the British Empire in India, 250 - 274, Volume 2, Jul 1843, Gavin Mason Bell, Bell claims this article in G.M. Bell, The Philosophy of Joint Stock Banking, 2nd. Ed (London, 1858): 73-4. [review] (08/16)

    F&CQR, Financial Policy of Sir Robert Peel, 466 - 483, Volume 6, Oct 1845, Gavin Mason Bell, prob., In "Commercial Policy of the Peel Government" Bell notes "we shall confine ourselves, at present, to a consideration of his commercial policy alone." -- this suggests hat in the future he might consider financial policy; the article's style is Bell's. [review] (08/16)

    F&CQR, Effects of Railway Speculation on the Money-market, 198 - 210, Volume 7, Jan 1846, Gavin Mason Bell, prob., According to his self-prepared bio, Bell contributed to the F&CQR from July 1843 through Jan 1846. As Bell was primarily a banker during those years, this appears to be his most likely Jan 1846 paper. [review] (12/15)

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